Getting Started

Give Chris Hubbard a call at 410-798-4533 or email her at She will help you understand the process and schedule a date to meet.

Chris will typically ask you to fill out a questionnaire the best that you can before the first meeting. At the first meeting, she will provide a brief explanation of the fundamental estate planning documents and applicable estate tax laws. She will also describe your options for estate tax planning and fundamental asset protection. She will then work with you to fully understand your family structure, asset holdings and personal goals and objectives. After the first meeting, Chris usually has all of the information necessary to draft your fundamental estate planning documents. She will send you drafts of the documents for your review along with illustrations and summaries to use as guides in understanding the overall structure of your plan. After you have had an opportunity to review the documents, Chris will discuss any comments that you may have and set the date for the next meeting. At the second meeting, Chris will review the documents and overall plan with you in person, address any additional comments or questions that you may have and then assist you with the signing of the documents.

There will then be follow up communications or meeting to assist you with the implementation of your plan and funding of any revocable trusts.

Chris will then send you an organized binder containing your estate planning documents with a detailed cover letter reviewing the plan and outlining any action items that may remain open.

Law Offices of Christine W. Hubbard, LLC is located in Annapolis Maryland and serves clients in the surrounding areas including the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.

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